Counter Suicide Bombing & Car Bomb Course

Counter Suicide Bombing & Car Bomb Course

 Location: Las Vegas ,Nevada

 Course Description:

Acceptable trainees for this course are Law Enforcement First Responders , SWAT, Non-Swat, Federal and Military personnel. This course is a fully tactical course that covers suicide bombers, car bombs, booby trapped vehicles and IED’s 360 degrees.

Course material includes:

· Methods of detecting a suicide bomber(s) in progress

· Dealing with hostage situations that involve explosive devices and suicide bombers

· Bus assault while bus is occupied with suicide bombers and/or terrorists

· Securing a VIP against suicide bomber(s) or car bomb(s)

 · Detecting terrorists that gather intelligence for a possible attacks

 · Methods of detecting car bombs

 · Scanning a vehicle and building for possible booby traps

 · Recognizing booby traps against police or military

· Defensive tactics including knife and weapon disarmament

 · Surviving terrorist assassinations

 · Terrorist suspect traffic stops

· High risk terrorist arrest

· Tactical Israeli shooting with handgun and assault rifle

· All training is done by Israeli method of combating terrorism

Equipment Needed :

Officers will need to bring full tactical gear, handgun and assault rifle including sniper rifles (if applicable).

Ammunition will be supplied by CRI as well as simulative weapons and all training aids.

 Course Duration: 7 days

 Accommodation and meals are provided during training.

 For information on registration and costs:  Contact by phone or email.

 By Email:

By Phone: 702-408-2599

Other Info:

 Active Police/Military/Federal identification will be required in order to participate in this course. ID will be required along with all registration forms to be submitted at least 3 weeks prior to course start date.

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