Counter Skyjacking Course

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Unfortunately, terrorists will use brutal force and psychological pressure on the air crew by harming or using torture on the flight attendants, passengers, navigators or the pilots.

The training will be held in a classroom setting as well as aboard a plane. Each aircrew member, both male and female, will quickly learn and understand that he or she can fight successfully for their own lives and the lives of the passengers under extreme situations. We make sure that the aircrew fully understands how to adjust the level of response to the type of skyjacking. Also, our school offers special training for airplane JR’s (Air Marshals) and services.


Course Summary: One of the most attractive and popular methods of terrorism is skyjacking which is used to extort people and governments worldwide. In spite of efforts made by airlines to increase security, terrorism in the sky continues to grow. The main concept of this course is to train pilots and other aircrew to deal with this unfortunate reality. The trainees will learn unique skills on how to deal with possible terrorist activity inside the plane both psychologically and physically. In addition, they will learn how to transfer information to intervention teams without the knowledge of the terrorists. This course is offered only to large commercial corporations in the U.S. or U.S.-friendly countries.


Primary learning modules: The course is broken down into THREE main modules:

  1. Psychological mindset of the terrorist
  2. Defensive Tactics / Close Quarters Combat
  3. Weapons Disarmament & Retention


Proof of clean criminal background.

Course Duration : 2 days
Course Date : 25 Feb 2018 - 25 Feb 2018
Course Status : Open

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