Force Protection Training & Counter Guerrilla Warfare Course

Course Details

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Duration: Based on class size and how the course is tailored.

Location:  Las Vegas, Nevada or travel to other locations with a minimum number of participants. Please call for additional information and pricing.

Course Summary: This course will develop the participants as team members, as well as individuals, in force protection and countering guerrilla warfare. All exercises cover from basic soldier levels to command levels. Subjects from the Course Outline:

Primary learning modules: The course is broken down into Eighteen main modules.
Based on the requirements and time available this can be tailored to fit the group:

  1. Countering Threats & Terrorists Tactics
  2. Surveillance and Counter Surveillance
  3. IED’s & Vehicle Inspection
  4. Route Planning
  5. Basic and Intermediate Off-Road Driving
  6. Basic ATV All-Terrain Driving
  7. Evasive, Offensive and Defensive Driving Skills
  8. Counter Ambush Training
  9. Dead Man Takeover Exercises
  10. Team/Team Member Recovery Under Attack
  11. Less Lethal Weapons & Tactics
  12. Terminal Ballistics Involved in Vehicle Attacks
  13. Field Expedient Bulletproofing
  14. Using a Vehicle as Cover
  15. Live Fire From a Vehicle During an Ambush
  16. Force on Force Counter Ambush Tactics
  17. Defensive Tactics
  18. Survival Behind Enemy Lines



Active military units and/or special forces.

Course Duration : 6 - 8 days
Course Date : 25 Feb 2018 - 25 Feb 2018
Course Status : Open

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