ISRAELI S.W.A.T. Hostage Rescue (on Airliners, Planes, Trains, Buses and Buildings)

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Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Course Summary: In this course the SWAT member/police officer will learn how to increase his survivability in extremely difficult and dangerous situations. In addition, this course will teach the Israeli Method of SWAT Team Operation which includes the skills necessary to increase the effectiveness of saving hostages in various situations.


The following is a comment from a solider that we trained in Israeli CQB, “Here’s the story of what happened while I was in Iraq. ….. We were doing a raid in Kirkuk, Iraq. I was point man when I entered the first room I naturally did the technique that I learned while training at CRI instead of the way the U.S. Army taught me. Well behind the first door there was a man with a weapon and opened up on us. But since I entered in the way CRI taught I didn’t get shoot. It was the safest way to enter a room with the minimum amount of exposure. I know that This techniques saved my life and that of my squad.” – former trainee


Primary learning modules: The course is broken down into NINE main modules:

  1. Israeli Close Quarter Combat (CQB)
  2. Aviation Intervention
  3. Bus Assault for Hostage Rescue
  4. Tactical Roadblocks and High Risk Arrest
  5. Dealing with Booby traps, explosives, car bombs and suicide bombers
  6. Dealing With Riot Situations on Various Levels
  7. Countering Ambushes on Police
  8. Tactical Shooting
  9. Defensive Tactics


Proof of clean criminal background.

Course Duration : Depends on size of unit & upon request.
Course Date : 25 Feb 2018 - 25 Feb 2018
Course Status : Upon Request

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