Military P.S.D Pre-Deployment Course

Course Details

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Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Course Summary: This is an intermediate skill level course designed for the armed professional engaged in personal protection. This intense course is designed for those serving on corporate executive protection details in high threat international assignments, law enforcement personnel serving on protection details, and individual security contractors conducting high-threat international protective security operations. Because this is a condensed version of our larger Bodyguard course, this is fast paced with long hours, up to 10-12 hour days.

Primary learning modules: The course is broken down into ELEVEN main modules:

  1. Protective Operations, Details and Formations
  2. Terrorist Cultural analysis & Threat assessment
  3. Surveillance, Counter-Surveillance & Surveillance Detection:
  4. Escape from Captivity
  5. Tactical Medicine
  6. Tactical Shooting
  7. Countering Ambushes
  8. Defensive Tactics
  9. Suicide Bombers, Car Bombs, IED’s and Alarms
  10. Israeli Close Quarter Combat (CQB)
  11. Intermediate Israeli Driving – no contact & contact



Active military.

Course Duration : 8 days
Course Date : 25 Feb 2018 - 25 Feb 2018
Course Status : Open

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