Police Officer Tactical Survival Course

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2-day class or 5-day class

As a law enforcement agent, you put your life on the line for others. When you leave your home, you and your loved ones know that there is a terrible possibility that you will not come back alive. This is a horrific reality that can be effectively prevented with proper training. We at CRI School believe that knowledge is power and power equals life.

In the last several years many police officers were killed in the line of duty while trying to do good and help others. The most common situations where police officers die or injured are in the following scenarios:

  • While responding to a domestic violence call
  • When performing high-risk traffic or vehicle stops
  • When encountering well-trained drug cartel and/or gangs members
  • When returning home or stepping out of their home
  • When in a life-and-death gun or knife fight
  • When overwhelmed by multiple attackers

These are only some of the cases where police officers got hurt. The Police Academy provides officers with the initial training required to become a police officer. However, once this training is over, police officers receive only refresher training from time to time. This is good and wonderful. However, the facts speak for themselves. The initial and refresher trainings are not enough. In recent years we have seen that criminals are much more bold, desperate and capable.

Furthermore, to make things worse, the media reveals procedures and tactics, making officers vulnerable to bad guys who have learned to counter these tactics.

Modules from this course delivered successfully in the past years have proven extremely effective and powerful when dealing with bad guys. Police officers, Security Personnel and Military Personnel who have used the tactics and information from these modules have reported that the training they received from CRI School saved their lives and the lives of their teammates.

This type of training is now packaged and available in an effective manner so it will positively transform police officer tactical skills and his/her survivability.

Course Modules:

Police Officer Tactical Survival Course2 day course

  1. Escaping Captivity
  2. Execution Attempt Survival
  3. Force on Force
  4. Defensive Tactics
  5. Simulative Tactical Shooting

Police Officer Tactical Survival Course5 day course

  1. Escaping Captivity.
  2. Execution Attempt Survival
  3. Simulative Tactical Shooting
  4. Force on Force
  5. Violent Traffic Stop Survival
  6. Violent Domestic Violence Call Survival
  7. Violent Arrest Survival
  8. Advanced Defensive Tactics
  9. Defense against IED’S and Booby-Traps
  10. Officer at Home/Off-Duty/with Family Survival
  11. Officer versus Well-Trained Criminal/Gangs Survival
  12. Defense against Improvised Weapon and Multiple Attackers

Here are actual examples of how training or the lack of training can determine your life or death fate.

Officer Vicki – Baton Rouge, Louisiana, died in the line of duty

A female police officer was repeatedly offered a complimentary Handgun and Knife Disarmament training. She refused the training. One year later when she tried to handcuff a shoplifter, she was caught off guard and shoved to the ground. The officer begged for her life as the shoplifter took her own revolver and while riding on top of her, emptied the clip into her face and killed her.

A former police officer and CRI student survived a gun and knife fight in a convenience store.
Two armed criminals entered the store where he was shopping. The first gunman shot at him first and then he was attacked by a second attacker with a large knife. He killed both attackers and survivee the encounter.

As you can see, knowledge is power and power equals life. This is why we created the Police Officer Tactical Survival course for you. Your safety is our passion! Because you give so much, we want to give back to you. Therefore, we have priced this course at a low cost compared to traditional pricing.

Take action and contact us for training and/or consultation. If you are not able to come to our training right now, we invite you to our online store where you can find 3 home study courses that can definitely increase your survival ability and knowledge base.


Active duty or law enforcement.

Course Duration : 2 - 5 days
Course Date : 25 Feb 2018 - 25 Feb 2018
Course Status : Open

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