Tactical Gunfighter Course

Course Details

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Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Millions like you carry, or plan to carry, a firearm for protection. If you were in a gunfight tomorrow, do you know for sure that you would survive? After participating in our courses, many of our former students credit our intensive training to their survivability during a hostile encounter. Remember: targets don’t shoot back – bad guys do!

Course Outline:

Advanced handgun draws

Disadvantaged gun draw

Handgun fighting survival tactics

Full force on force during gunfight

The 7 most deadly mistakes that can get you killed during a gunfight

Stress shooting exercises

Operating a gun next to your family

Realistic gun fighting drills next to your car

Operating your gun against multiple attackers

Split second decision making

Basic Israeli CQB and room clearing

Low light gun fighting

Drawing your gun under hostile gun fire

Advanced handgun disarmament against 1-3 attackers

Operating your gun properly during a violent home or business invasion

Mental, emotional and physical conditioning for potential gun fight

Shoot don’t Shoot drills


Proof of clean criminal background.

Course Duration : 2 Days
Course Date : 25 Feb 2018 - 25 Feb 2018
Course Status : Open

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