Tactical Vehicle Defense Shooting Course

Course Details

Duration: 8 Hours
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Course Fee:  $250.00 per person
Pre-requisite:  CCW or Beginner Course

Course Summary: This 8-hour course is designed for real world threats in and around a vehicle.  Students will engage single and multiple threats from the vehicle and learn bounding techniques away from the vehicle.  Students will shoot through doors, trunks, and fenders, in order to show what offers the best concealment and the best cover.  Students will shoot through the windshield at forward threat targets, as well as shoot into the passenger compartment to see the effects of glass deflection.

Materials Needed:  Semi-automatic handgun, ammunition – minimum 150 rounds, holster, magazine pouch, additional magazines, eye protection, ear protection. * The school will provide gun rentals, which includes ammunition for an additional $65.00 fee.  If a background check is required, it will be an additional $25.00 unless you have a valid CCW permit.

To register please call:  888-260-7050, 702-222-3489 or e-mail:  cri@critraining.com

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CCW or Beginner Course

Course Duration : 1 day
Course Date : 25 Feb 2018 - 25 Feb 2018
Course Status : Open

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