UXO/IED/HME Recognition Course

Course Details

This UXO/IED/HME Recognition Course is designed for military, law enforcement, and private security personnel with a need to be able to properly identify conventional and improvised explosive hazards. This course is 5 days in duration.


All training will be delivered by highly experienced and instructor-qualified former military EOD Technicians. The training will be conducted IAW the Systems Approach to Training (SAT).


This course contains the following modules:

1.  Introduction to Conventional Munitions / Land Service Ammunition
2.  Characteristics of Explosives
3.  Fuse Types/Functioning
4.  Projectiles
5.  Mortars
6.  Bombs
7.  Rockets/Missiles
8.  Guided Missiles
9.  Grenades
10. Submunitions
11.  Landmines & Minefield Awareness
12.  Introduction to IEDs/Components
13.  Victim Operated IEDs
14.  Command IEDs
15.  Timed IEDs
16.  Personal Borne IEDs
17.  VBIEDs
18.  ISIS Munitions/IED’s/Vehicles
19.  Introduction to Homemade Explosives
20.  HME Precursors


Course Duration : 5 Days
Course Date : 7 Aug 2017 - 11 Aug 2017
Course Status : Open

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