Advanced Israeli Driving with contact (2 Days)

Module Details

  1. Handling multiple vehicles that are attempting to force the vehicle off road
  2. Escaping using a vehicle during a high speed pursuit without losing control of the vehicle
  3. Situational exercises simulating vehicular attacks
  4. Tactical ramming & Barricade breeching
  5. Forward and reverse ramming
  6. Ramming various sizes of vehicles and obstacles
  7. Pushing vehicles and obstacles with a vehicle
  8. Deceptive terrorist traffic stops
  9. Counter roadblocks and illegal checkpoint survival
  10. Evacuating the vehicle from a mob or paparazzi environment
  11. Evacuation of the vehicle during an ambush
  12. PIT Maneuver & Counter PIT Maneuver
  13. Opening fire at a pursuing vehicle during a high-speed chase
  14. Driving under fire
  15. Motorcade & vehicle escort

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