Intermediate Israeli Driving – no contact (1 Day)

Module Details

  1. Vehicle selection, modification and emergency procedures
  2. Evasive maneuvers — forward 180 degree turns (bootlegs), and reverse 180 degree turns (J-turns)
  3. Reverse 270 developed exclusively by CRI as an effective technique for countering ambushes
  4. High speed vehicle maneuvers, braking techniques and skid control maneuvers
  5. Understanding over/under steering a vehicle
  6. Maneuvering a vehicle through a realistic obstacle course during an emergency situation
  7. Emergency braking and turns
  8. Correct escaping maneuvers
  9. Taking control of the vehicle after the driver has been immobilized
  10. Handling the vehicle in an obstacle course
  11. Split-second decision making drills
  12. Correct functioning while in pursuit or being pursued

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