Israeli Close Quarter Combat (CQB)

Module Details

  • Introduction to room clearing techniques
  • Tactical Israeli Point Shooting
  • Basic & Advanced CQB
  • Basics of stealth and dynamic entries
  • Clearing in limited visibility
  • Clearing under stress
  • Tactical planning, tactics and situational awareness
  • Single level building techniques
  • Multi-level techniques, stairs and multiple entries
  • Urban village, multi-building situations
  • Individual to 12-man team deployment during entries
  • SWAT extension ladder deployment for tactical use (Israeli Method)
  • Evacuation procedures: hostages and casualties
  • Hi-tech use and deployment for hostage rescue or raids
  • Evacuation procedures: hostages and casualties
  • Team member rescue during kidnapping in progress
  • Rapid evacuation of hostages
  • Correct handling of enemy bodies
  • Hostage body search
  • Difficult hostage rescue shot
  • Dealing with booby traps in the building
  • Tripwire, step line devices detection
  • Three dimensional approaches to neutralizing alarms
  • Night operations
  • Tactical use of flashlight and laser in buildings
  • Silent communications & Silent/Noisy approach
  • Tactical handcuffing techniques
  • Stealth tactics and camouflage
  • Method of dealing with hostile dogs
  • Distraction techniques
  • High emotional and mental pressure and tension exercises
  • Team work with limited communication

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