Tactical Medicine

Module Details

  • Tactical Medicine in a combat environment
  • Care under the most life-threatening conditions
  • Priorities of administering first aid under fire
  • HCAPER – Trauma Casualty assessment, body search
  • Basic and Intermediate airway management
  • Open and Closed chest wounds and decompression
  • Hemorrhage management including tourniquet use
  • Patient Assessment: Triage, Primary and Secondary Surveys
  • The realities of setting up an efficient triage system
  • Basic and Intermediate Airway Management
  • Hemorrhage/Bleeding Management–Tourniquets/Hemostatic Agents
  • Basic Life Support: Artificial Respiration & CPR
  • Cervical Spine Injuries and Immobilization
  • Musculo-skeletal Injuries and Splinting
  • Emergency Wound Care and Infection Management
  • Environmental Emergencies (heat, cold, drowning)
  • Burns and Blast Injuries
  • The differences between law enforcement and military field care
  • Best methods for transporting your gear while on the scene
  • Right equipment and supplies for a tactical medical kit
  • Medical kit development – Equipment for combat
  • Patient extrication/movement
  • Tactical vs non tactical decisions & Medical-Legal Issues

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