Tactical Shooting

Module Details

  • Dynamic drills using handguns and assault rifle (if using handguns)
  • Tactically moving within a crowd & engaging various targets
  • Using cover while shooting: left, right, above, below
  • Corridor movement, Stairwell movement and shooting & clearing
  • Prioritizing targets
  • Instinctive and reactive shooting
  • Procedures for drawing weapons
  • Quick recovery from weapon jams
  • Shoot/don’t shoot drills and exercise
  • Shooting while in motion (running, walking), and at moving targets
  • Shooting in low visibility (smoke, fire, fog, darkness)
  • Shooting while injured and disoriented
  • Shooting while blinded
  • Linear/Non Linear shooting
  • Tactical use of a flashlight & laser sites
  • Night shooting

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