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Former trainee: The following is a comment from a soldier that we trained in Israeli CQB,

“Here’s the story of what happened while I was in Iraq. ….. We were doing a raid in Kirkuk, Iraq. I was point man,  When I entered the first room, I naturally did the technique that I learned while training at CRI instead of the way the U.S. Army taught me. Well, behind the first door there was a man with a weapon and he opened up on us. But since I entered in the way CRI taught, I didn’t get shot. It was the safest way to enter a room with the minimum amount of exposure. I know that this technique saved my life and that of my squad.


And, another story. We were on an escort mission when I noticed that there was a lack of civilians and cars on the road. It was a scary silence like the one right before something happens. Well, CRI classes on I.E.D.’s were important. I backed off the truck in front of me by 100 meters or so – as soon as I did that, an I.E.D. exploded 5 to 10 feet in front of me. If I wouldn’t have backed off, the I.E.D. would have injured or killed me or members of my squad. Everything C.R.I. teaches can and will be used in the world to defeat terrorism worldwide. “

Primary learning modules: The course is broken down into THREE main modules:

  1. Israeli Close Quarter Combat (CQB)
  2. Tactical Shooting
  3. Defensive Tactics

Course Summary: How many more soldiers must continue to die as the first and second members of an entry team by getting shot or activating a booby trap or IED? Currently, most CQB and urban warfare training is done by companies that teach the same unsafe method of entry. During training, military and Special Forces trainees thank us for finally being able to learn something new and effective. To date, we have trained several military Special Forces groups currently working in Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa and other parts of the world. These groups have fully adopted the Israeli CQB and Urban Warfare methodology that we have instructed them.

Duration: 3 days

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1. Israeli Close Quarter Combat (CQB)
  1. Introduction to room clearing techniques
  2. Tactical Israeli Point Shooting
  3. Basic & Advanced CQB
  4. Basics of stealth and dynamic entries
  5. Clearing in limited visibility
  6. Clearing under stress
  7. Tactical planning, tactics and situational awareness
  8. Single level building techniques
  9. Multi-level techniques, stairs and multiple entries
  10. Urban village, multi-building situations
  11. Individual to 12-man team deployment during entries
  12. SWAT extension ladder deployment for tactical use (Israeli Method)
  13. Evacuation procedures: hostages and casualties
  14. Hi-tech use and deployment for hostage rescue or raids
  15. Evacuation procedures: hostages and casualties
  16. Team member rescue during kidnapping in progress
  17. Rapid evacuation of hostages
  18. Correct handling of enemy bodies
  19. Hostage body search
  20. Difficult hostage rescue shot
  21. Dealing with booby traps in the building
  22. Tripwire, step line devices detection
  23. Three dimensional approach to neutralizing alarms
  24. Night operations
  25. Tactical use of flashlight and laser in buildings
  26. Silent communications & Silent/Noisy approach
  27. Tactical handcuffing techniques
  28. Stealth tactics and camouflage
  29. Method of dealing with hostile dogs
  30. Distraction techniques
  31. High emotional and mental pressure and tension exercises
  32. Team work with limited communication
1. Tactical Shooting
  1. Dynamic drills using handguns and assault rifle (if using handguns)
  2. Tactically moving within a crowd & engaging various targets
  3. Using cover while shooting: left, right, above, below
  4. Corridor movement, Stairwell movement and shooting & clearing
  5. Prioritizing targets
  6. Instinctive and reactive shooting
  7. Procedures for drawing weapons
  8. Quick recovery from weapon jams
  9. Shoot/don’t shoot drills and exercise
  10. Shooting while in motion (running, walking), and at moving targets
  11. Shooting in low visibility (smoke, fire, fog, darkness)
  12. Shooting while injured and disoriented
  13. Shooting while blinded
  14. Linear/Non Linear shooting
  15. Tactical use of a flashlight & laser sites
  16. Night shooting
3. Defensive Tactics
  1. Tactical thinking, weapons retention and disarmament
  2. Weapons disarmament including handgun and assault rifles
  3. Fighting in a professional and devastating way to an aggressor
  4. Understanding pressure points and the weak points in the human body
  5. Countering joint locks, grabs, punches, kicks and choking
  6. Ground fighting and countering Brazilian Jui Jit Su
  7. “Trick” fighting tactics and also how to counter them
  8. Correct timing in a street confrontation
  9. Surviving attacks from Multiple attackers
  10. Countering attacks with broken bottles, chains, batons, tire iron, etc.
  11. Dealing with attacks involving axes, ropes for strangulation, etc.
  12. Surviving in a vehicle surrounded by 3 to 4 armed hostile captors
  13. Physical attack while you are seated in your vehicle
  14. Functioning under extreme stress
  15. Fighting effectively after being partially immobilized or wounded
  16. Handling expert and severe brutal knife attacks from multiple attackers
  17. Knife throwing techniques
  18. Disarming an assailant with a knife or sharp object
  19. Physical & mental conditioning
  20. Developing speed, coordination, stamina, strength, and flexibility
  21. Full force on force exercises

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