How to Survive Active Shooter Massacre System –

a system that will assist you in surviving and even disarming an active shooter.   This program is in direct response to the active shooter scenarios in Columbine and Connecticut.  This program can be used to train individuals and groups who tend to gather in public places such as schools, churches, synagogues, restaurants and other localities.  Use available items such as phone books to protect yourself!

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High-Risk Business Owner Protection System –

a system that will protect individuals and organizations that are in high risk status or situations.  This also covers how to escape/avoid sexual assault, home invasion, carjacking, and kidnapping.

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CRI Defensive Tactics System –

a 7 module system that demonstrates defensive tactics against various holds and weapons.

·         Module one – handgun disarmament

·         Module two – advanced handgun disarmament

·         Module three – knife and edge weapon disarmament

·         Module four – rifle and submachine gun disarmament

·         Module five – strangulation and ground fighting defense

·         Module six – defense against improvised weapon

·         Module seven – weapon retention

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CRI publication

Home Invasion Survival Book or Flipbook by Doron Benbenisty now available here:

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